Eye of the Swan

Posted by Melanie On Wednesday, 28 October 2009 4 comments

I guess we all have to start somewhere, this in my first entry on my blog and hopefully the first of many. I am currently studying at Blackpool and Fylde College in BA (Hons) Wildlife Photography, this course is in conjunction with Lancaster University.
From an early age I have been fascinated in wildlife and nature and in my early teens I developed an interest in photography, so what better than to be able to combine the two. I consider myself to be very fortunate that the only course in Europe on wildlife photography is based virtually on my doorstep.
What I have been taught so far is not just to take a picture of an animal for the sake of taking a picture, because we should not be subject driven but instead aim to be concept driven. This course has really opened my eyes regarding this theory ... to find what drives you to photograph a certain subject in a certain way and what are your emotions and motives for doing so.
I hope you enjoy my work, feel free to comment on them, it would be great to know what you think and please be patient if I disappear for a while as I am also undertaking large photography projects. :-)


Anonymous said...

What superb photographs .. You have worked hard to get this far & I read in many different ways your thoughts in the photographs I feel calm you are a very talented person in more ways then one
A very BIg well done

Anonymous said...

Such peacfulness in the photographs shows the inner beauty of the photographer .. I am very impressed

Anita B said...

I am very impressed, this is very good, I just love them. You are very celver :-))

Anonymous said...

Who said the "Eye of the Tiger" This photograph beats the movie
Beautiful Will you be looking to place more of your photographs as I find you have the eye of a very skilled caftsman

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